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DECLARATIONS of the Young Zionists (YZ)

1. Israel’s importance to America. We, the Young Zionists (YZ), recognize the importance of Israel to America, as an economic partner, as a strategic ally, as a western-style democracy, and as a center of biblical heritage and religious freedom.

2. Israel’s right to defend herself. We recognize Israel’s right to defend herself from her enemies with any means she deems necessary, including with the use of high-powered sophisticated weaponry. If Israel is attacked, she needs to attack back with overwhelming force, even if it means that those she is fighting suffer far greater casualties than she does.

3. No negotiations with terrorists or those who harbor terrorists. We are very much in favor of peace negotiations between Israel and her neighbors, including the Palestinians. However, Israel must not enter into any type of negotiations – peace or otherwise – with terrorist organizations, such as Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), Hezbollah and Fatah, or states which willingly harbor terrorists, such as Syria and Iran.

4. No Palestinian terrorist state. We do not believe that the Palestinians, the majority of which deny the legitimacy of Israel and support terrorist organizations, such as Hamas and Fatah, should be rewarded for their violent behavior with statehood. Both Hamas and Fatah (PLO) have charters which call for the destruction of Israel. As long as terrorist organizations exist within Gaza and the West Bank, the creation of a Palestinian state should not even be an issue.

5. Expansion of settlements. We do not believe that anyone has the right to tell Israel to stop the expansion of its country’s housing facilities. The so-called “Jewish settlements” are a vibrant part of Israel and need to continue to grow unabated. Israel should ignore calls to halt its nation’s expansion, from the United States or anywhere else.

6. An undivided Jerusalem. We believe that Israel should never relinquish any part of Jerusalem for any reason. To give up on the smallest part of Jerusalem would be to deny Israel’s reason for existence. Jerusalem must never be made a part of any type of “peace” deal.

7. Military action against Iran. We feel that the use of sanctions against Iran will not stop Iran from building nuclear weapons, but will instead give the terrorist state time to engage in the building process. We therefore deem it necessary for America and/or Israel to use the last resort measure of military force to halt Iran’s nuclear program.

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