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About Young Zionists
Young Zionists or YZ is an initiative of Americans Against Hate (AAH). As its name suggests, YZ is intended to reach the youth of America, which is increasingly being corrupted by a sinister anti-Israel agenda both on and off campus.

YZ was created to respond to the growing pressure placed on Israel by the United States and others to make "peace" with terrorist organizations such as Fatah and terrorist harboring nations such as Syria. This pressure comes while Israel is under increasing threat by Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas.

We are also concerned that Israel is being told to suppress the natural growth of several of her vibrant communities, on the grounds that they are Jewish in nature, using the derogatory term "Jewish settlements" to describe them, and that they somehow do harm to a peace process that never actually existed. We agree with Israel's Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, when he asks if the U.S. would as well attempt to prohibit Jews from building in New York.

YZ falls within AAH’s mission of combating bigotry and terrorism.

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