The Benefits Of Kenkoh Massage Sandals

If you’re used to coming home after a long day of work with aching feet, you need to step back and remember that pain is not the natural state of the human foot! Relieve your aching dogs and make your feet feel terrific by investing in the therapeutic power of Kenkoh massage sandals.

How Kenkoh Massage Sandals Work

You may well have seen Kenkoh sandals – or knockoffs of them – before. Kenkohs have hundreds of little rubber knobs poking up underneath your feet. These nodules are designed to massage your sole as you walk, stimulating blood flow and activate nerve clusters. This makes your feet healthier in general, helps you to relax, and can be a great therapeutic treatment for many common foot ailments (see below for more).

The history of the Kenkoh brand is filled with a lot of Japanese tradition. The sandals are inspired by similar designs that have been used in Japan all the way back to pre-industrial times. This means Kenkohs are often sold as quasi-mystical new age super health shoes that heal your feet via reflexology and / or magic.

The good news is that you don’t have to buy into the alternative medicine side of the Kenkoh marketing campaign to enjoy the real benefits that these sandals provide. They are supremely comfortable once you get used to them, and they do genuinely help with a lot of foot problems. There’s even clinical research to support this fact.

Conditions That Respond Well To Kenkohs

Wearing Kenkohs sandals regularly can help ease the pain caused by a number of different ailments, including edema, metatarsalgia, Morton’s neuromas, and especially plantar fasciitis. The constant massaging effect of the Kenkohs sole prevents the sort of pinching, swelling, and inflammation that cause pain when you’re dealing with these conditions.

Genuine Kenkohs sandals are also designed to provide a lot of arch support, which is important for treating many foot conditions. This ensures that even though the sandals are keeping your feet supremely comfortable, they’re also keeping your foot bones in healthy, natural alignment.

Does The Brand Name Make A Difference?

Like a lot of quality products that look deceptively simple, Kenkohs sandals have been plagued by imitators since about ten minutes after they went on sale. A pair of honest-to-goodness Kenkohs will cost you about a hundred dollars, whereas a cheap imported knockoff pair can be had for twenty dollars or less at your local big box store.

Is it worth paying all that extra money for the Kenkoh label? No. But real Kenkohs give you more than the label. They’re premium sandals that will easily last five times as long as those no-name ripoffs that are one-fifth the price. The massaging nubs of cheap versions wear down quickly, eliminating the design’s biggest advantage. Most imitation Kenkohs also lack the arch support of the genuine article.

If you’re interested in making your feet feel better after even the most strenuous day, slip them into a pair of Kenkohs when you get home. Don’t be afraid to invest in the original premium massage sandals; you’ll get more than your money’s worth out of these superbly comfortable shoes.