Planned A Party For My Husband And His Friends To Watch Football

My husband loves football and his friends do too. Usually, they get together and watch games and drink beer. This year I decided I wanted to plan a party for them so they would have really good food to go with their beer. I told my husband he can invite more friends over too if he wants to because I was going to fix lots of food for them all.

I started looking around on Pinterest for ideas for football party food. I found several ideas and recipes I wanted to try out for him and his friends. I really couldn’t wait to try to make these recipes and I knew they were going to love them.

I gathered up all the ingredients I would need for the recipes I wanted to make and I went to the store. I bought all the supplies I needed and also bought some extra beer for the party and a box of wine for myself and a few of my friends that were going to come.

The game was the next day and I decided to go ahead and try out some of the wine I bought and try to make a few of these recipes. I love to drink wine and cook and these things were okay to get made in advance. My husband came and had a beer with me while I made a few of these things. He asked me what I was making because I didn’t really tell him, he just knew I was going to make food. I told him about the recipes I was going to try and showed him pictures of what everything was going to look like. He said he couldn’t wait to try the food out and see how good everything turns out. He helped me do a few things while he was in the kitchen with me. I love that he helps me with this kind of stuff.

The next day, I finished up the recipes and got everything setup and ready for his friends to come over and watch the football game. Everything turned out just as I had expected and it all looked really great. My husband was impressed with the things I made too. He said thank you for making all of these things for me and my friends.

They started arriving and immediately went to the food. I got lots of compliments on the things I made for them. My friends started arriving too and they were amazed and wanted to know how I made all of this stuff. I told them I found everything on Pinterest. My one friend said she was afraid to eat anything because she didn’t want to mess it up. I told her that’s what it was for, I just wanted to make it a football themed party with lots of food for the guys and also for them too. They loved it all.

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